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Action C1. Communication actions addressed to public administrations

The activity is concluded

The activity of the desk information on web and telephone, activated in May 2012 ended in October 2014.

Since November 2014 it is active only the desk web and has been activated the FAQ section.

In June 2013 was launched the information desk on site by Lombardia Region, whose activities were concluded on 30 June 2014. The advice provided  was given on demand (online or by phone, once a week at the ERSAF headquarter) and through the organization of meetings in the territory with several local administrators .

From October 2014 to May 2015 only in the Lombardia Region was active  the information desk on issues relating to the agricultural activity management in areas of the Natura 2000. The mainly target were the Public Administrations, technicians and farmers operating in Natura 2000 Network , to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by the Network and the new Rural Development Plan 2014-2020.

Further information or questions related:

Newsletter. Were published the first two issues of the quarterly newsletter: May 2012 and September 2012 (download the newsletter )

Tool Kit for communication tools

- Manual "Communicating Natura 2000 Network" – Addressed to public authorities in order to give advices to start courses based on correct information and communication to the of agricultural world. Download the Manual

- Radio Spot :it has been developed an audio spot in two versions: 45 seconds (long) and 30 seconds (short), available in 3 variants. Listen to the spot

- Video clip : In the month of March 2013 was developed ​​a video clip in different versions (1.42 sec): one without and one with a narrative voice narrator and four short versions (0.42 sec) Watch the video spot

Action C2. Communication actions addressed to  farmers

The activity is concluded.

Were organized six scheduled events:

1. Rome, between 27 and 30 September at the event Campagna Amica at the exhibition "Best of Italy"

2. Arezzo October 9 to 11 during the "Agri and tour "

3. Cavalese, between 21 February and 3 March, on the occasion of the "Village of Campagna Amica" in Val di Fiemme

4. Milan 3-5 May 2013 in occasion of Food of Italy, to the Expo 2015.

San Benedetto del Tronto,  19-20 July 2014 during the event "FOOD from EXPO".

6 Milan, 26 May 2015, at the stand EXPO of Coldiretti

It was developed the Natura 2000 network and Agriculture Guide dedicated to farmers to guide them in understanding the Natura 2000 network."
Download the Guide (LINK:

In 2015, the Guide has been updated with information about the programming 2014-2020. The network developed 21 regional brochures that presents a frame of the main measures contained in the single regional PSR for the environment, climate and biodiversity.

The Guide presents the main lines of action, the potential beneficiaries, the contacts of regional offices and any other useful information .

Download the brochures

From 5 to 7 June 2014 it was held an Educational Tour at Nature sites 2000 of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, Molise with the participation of 30 farmers and 2 public administrators.

Action C3. Communication actions addressed to schools

The 2 editions of the competions for Schools were concluded.The first edition 2012-2013 of the competition was launched to some primary and secondary schools  of Lazio, Lombardia, Liguria, Marche, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicilia, while the next edition, 2013 - 2014 will be open to all Italian regions.

The first edition 2012-2013 was attended by 476 classes that sent 119 products from 13 different Regions, approximately 10,000 students of all levels.

An evaluation committee was established with representatives from the project partners and a representative from MIUR evaluated that products and selected the three winning classes, a field school at 3 different protected areas: National Park Abruzzo, National Park Monti Sibillini and National Park Val Grande.

At the end of the school year – 30 May – was held at the Villa Arconati Castellazzo Bollate (Milan) the final event of the educational campaign aimed at schools, organized by the Lombardy Region which 200 participants including students and professors.

Final day ( video )