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FARENAIT is a complex communication campaign mainly for public administrators and operators of rural and agricultural areas operating in ‘Network Nature 2000’, and secondarily to the schools.

The preparatory phase of the project has included:
• a survey, with a final report on the communication initiatives implemented within the European ecological network 
• a study, with a final report, about funds availability for agriculture workers involved in Natura 2000 sites

• a series of surveys and workshops with the Regional Departments of agriculture with farmers' representatives in order to identify problems that limit communication, collaboration and the implementation of ‘Natura 2000’

The results of these activities were used to prepare the main guidelines of the communication strategy, with objectives, priorities, messages and key information.

On 14 and 15 May, at the headquarters of CTS, was held an international workshop on the Natura 2000 network and the rural world, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and MIPAAF, to exchange experiences in the field (Documentation)

During the project is also planned a series of communication actions , which provides:

• implementation of a kit of information products publishing and multimedia;
• training courses for government and farmers;
• an information campaign aimed at schools;
• intensive Press
• networking activities with the Italian and European organizations involved in public and private Natura 2000 sites in rural / agricultural
• a final conference at the European level

At the end of the project, a new survey will provide a tool to assess the increase of knowledge, awareness and capacity among administrators and agricultural organizations.